Floh Maier


TYPO3-Konferenz in Amsterdam

7 LTS is coming November 10th 2015
Case study with Tracey from Texere about Publishing and TYPO3.
Beurs van Berlage - coole Location
TYPO3 V8 - what's next?
Marinated cod with whipped sauce, lemon jelly, steamed samphire and caramelized onion compote

Tournedos with crispy potato rösti, soubise jus, green beans and carrot puree

Omelette Siberienne - Coffee and vanilla ice cream with roasted protein plumes, two structures of mandarin, dark chocolate crisps and white chocolate mousse
"Dreams without goals remain dreams and ultimately fuel disappointment.”
Denzel Washington
Day 2
‎@bennimack “TYPO3 need you! What are your dreams and goals for TYPO3? Claim them and get in touch with me!”
The Menu
Some Amsterdam pics
Hotel with a special view #ibis